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Steinhowel's Aesop: Illustrations

11. De asino et apro. Note that this image does not match the story! (see the full page); for an image that matches the story, see the 1501 edition (which clearly features the work of another artist for this fable).

(Steinhowel 1501) Click on the image to see the entire page.

(Steinhowel - in Spanish, 1521)

As in the 1479 German edition, the Spanish edition features an image that does not match the story.



Illustrations from the 1479 edition of Steinhowel come from the online edition at the Library of Congress. This edition is in German, not Latin, so I have reproduced only the images here. The illustrations for the 1501 edition of Steinhowel are online at the University of Mannheim. So that you can see the Latin text on these pages, each 1501 image is linked to a full page view of this edition (although the images are poor quality gif images, unlike the high-quality images at Library of Congress). Finally, I have included a 1521 edition of Steinhowel translated into Spanish, also from the Library of Congress. As you can see, the illustrations continue to follow the same basic pattern but have a decidedly different element of style.