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Aesop's Fables: Babrius

Babrius 27 = Perry 293

Γαλῆν δόλῳ τις συλλαβών τε καὶ δήσας
ἔπνιγεν ὑδάτων ἐν συναγκίῃ κοίλῃ.
τῆς δ' αὖ λεγούσης "ὡς κακὴν χάριν τίνεις
ὧν ὠφέλουν θηρῶσα μῦς τε καὶ σαύρας,"
"ἐπιμαρτυρῶ σοι" φησίν, "ἀλλὰ καὶ πάσας
ἔπνιγες ὄρνεις, πάντα δ' οἶκον ἠρήμους,
βλάπτουσα μᾶλλον ἤπερ ὠφελοῦς' ἥμας."

Ben Perry, Babrius and Phaedrus (Loeb). This edition contains the Greek texts of Babrius, with a facing English translation, and an extensive index covering the Greek and Latin fable tradition. This book is an absolute must for anyone interested in the Aesopic fable tradition. Invaluable.