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Aesop's Fables (Chambry edition)

Chambry 332 = Perry 217


(variant version from Chambry's first edition)

Ταῦρος καὶ τράγος.

Λέοντα φεύγων ταῦρος εἰς σπήλαιον ἔδυ· τράγος δὲ τοῦτον τοῖς κέρασιν ἐξώθει. Ὁ δὲ εἶπεν· Οὐ σέ, ἀλλὰ τὸν λέοντα φοβοῦμαι· ἐπεὶ παρελθέτω, καὶ τότε γνώσῃ τίς ἡ δύναμις ταύρου καὶ τράγου.
Ὅτι πολλάκις καὶ δυνατοὺς ἄνδρας αἱ συμφοραὶ ταπεινοῦσιν ὥστε τὰς ἐξ εὐτελῶν καὶ δειλῶν ὑπομένειν αἰκίας.

Chambry published a multivolume edition of the fables for the Belles Lettres series in 1925/6 (Paris). He later revised this into a single volume, omitting hundreds of the fable variants. In addition, the numeration between these two volumes is not consistent. The texts here are taken from the 1925/6 edition, but the numeration follows the stanard single volume edition.