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Aesop's Fables: Sir Roger L'Estrange (1692)

118. A BOASTING MULE (Perry 315)

There was a Favourite-Mule, that was high-fed, and in the Pride of Flesh and Metal, would still be bragging of his Family and his Ancestors. My Father (says he) was a Courser, and tho’ I say it, that should not say it, I my self take after him. He had no sooner spoke the Words, but he was put to the tryal of his Heels, and did not only shew himself a Jade; but in the very Heat of his Ostentation, his Father fell a braying, which minded him of his Original, and the whole Field made sport on't, when they found him to be the Son of an Ass.
THE MORAL. A bragging Fool that’s rais’d out of a Dunghill, and sets up for a Man of Quality, is asham’d of nothing in this World but of his own Father.

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