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Aesop's Fables: Sir Roger L'Estrange (1692)

132. A HARE AND A TORTOISE (Perry 226)

What a dull heavy Creature (says a Hare) is this same Tortoise! And yet (says the Tortoise) I’ll run with you for a Wager. ‘Twas done and done, and the Fox, by Consent, was to be the Judge. They started together, and the Tortoise kept jogging on still till he came to the End of the Course. The Hare laid himself down about Midway, and took a Nap; for, says he, I can fetch up the Tortoise when I please: But he over-slept himself, it seems, for when he came to wake, though he scudded away as fast as ‘twas possible, the tortoise got to the Post before him, and won the Wager.
THE MORAL. Up and be doing, is an edifying Text; for Action is the Business of Life, and there’s no Thought of ever coming to the End of our Journey in time, if we sleep by the Way.

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