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Aesop's Fables: Sir Roger L'Estrange (1692)

178. A RAVEN AND A SNAKE (Perry 128)

As a Snake lay Lazing at his Length, in the Gleam of the Sun, a Raven took him up, and flew away with him. The Snake kept a Twisting and a Turning, till he Bit the Raven, and made him Curse himself for being such a Fool, as to meddle with a Purchase that Cost him his Life.
THE MORAL. Nature has made All the Necessaries of Life, Safe and Easie to us, but if we will be Hankering after Things that we neither Want nor Understand, we must take our Fortune, even if Death it self should happen to be in the Case.

L'Estrange originally published his version of the fables in 1692. There is a very nice illustrated edition in the Children's Classics series by Knopf: Sir Roger L'Estrange. Aesop - Fables which is available at amazon.com.