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Abstemius's Fables (Sir Roger L'Estrange)

298. (Abstemius 46) A Priest and Pears.

A Jolly Gutling Priest, that was invited to a Wedding-Dinner, stumbled upon a parcel of Pears by the way. That Man was sharp enough to set to have made a Breakfast of them; but so was taken up with the thought of the Wedding-Chear, that he only piss'd upon the Pears in contempt, and so went his Way. He was to cross a River, it seems; but finding the Waters so high, that there was no passing, he was e'ev glad to trudge back again as wise as he came, and to make a Meal upon those very Pears that he had Piss'd upon and despis'd.
Hunger's the Best Sauce.


Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists: Abstemius's Fables by Sir Roger L'Estrange. Available online at Google Books.