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10.66 Augment Chart

The two new verbs introduced in Lesson 11 (θεραπεύω and δέχομαι) are also included here. The deponent verbs are in yellow (you will learn the middle endings in Lesson 11, but the rules for augmenting the stem are exactly the same for active and middle/passive).

Make sure you also look a the prefixed verbs chart at the bottom of the page, and that you practice with the Present-Imperfect Transformations.

Pronunciation: Note how the augmented form can cause a dramatic change in the stress of the verb. If you have been practicing pronunciation all along, you will not have any trouble recognizing the imperfect forms, since they just "sound" different from the present tense forms, even though they have the same core element in the stem. To help you appreciate the stress patterns, the verbs with stress on the augment are at the top of the chart, followed by the verbs with longer stems, where the stress cannot go all the way back to the augment.

Verbs Epsilon-Augmented Verbs Lengthening-Augment
βλέπ-ω ἔβλεπ-ον ἄρχ-ω ἦρχ-ον
γράφ-ω ἔγραφ-ον ἄγ-ω ἦγ-ον
θέλ-ω ἔθελ-ον αἴρ-ω ᾖρ-ον
λέγ-ω ἔλεγ-ον ἀκού-ω ἤκου-ον
λύ-ω ἔλυ-ον ἐγείρ-ω ἤγειρ-ον
μέλλ-ω ἔμελλ-ον ἔχω εἴχ-ον
βάλλ-ω ἔβαλλ-ον εὑρίσκ-ω ηὕρισκ-ον
μέν-ω ἔμεν-ον ὀφείλ-ω ὤφειλ-ον
πέμπ-ω ἔπεμπ-ον ἔρχ-ομαι ἠρχ-όμην
σῴζ-ω ἔσῳζ-ον    
κρίν-ω ἔκριν-ον    
πιστεύ-ω ἐπίστευ-ον    
λαμβάν-ω ἐλάμβαν-ον    
βαπτίζ-ω ἐβάπτιζ-ον    
διδάσκ-ω ἐδίδασκ-ον    
γινώσκ-ω ἐγίνωσκ-ον    
θεραπεύ-ω ἐθεράπευ-ον    
γίν-ομαι ἐγιν-όμην    
πορεύ-ομαι ἐπορευ-όμην    

Prefixed Verbs:

Verbs Epsilon-Augmented Verbs Lengthening-Augment
ἀπο-στέλλ-ω ἀπ-έστελλ-ον συν-άγ-ω συν-ἦγ-ον
ἀνα-βαίν-ω ἀν-έβαιν-ον δι-έρχ-ομαι δι-ηρχ-όμην
ἀπο-θνῄσκ-ω ἀπ-έθνῃσκ-ον εἰσ-έρχ-ομαι εἰσ-ηρχ-όμην
ἀπο-κτείν-ω ἀπ-έκτειν-ον ἐξ-έρχ-ομαι ἐξ-ηρχ-όμην
κατα-βαίν-ω κατ-έβαιν-ον ἀπ-έρχ-ομαι ἀπ-ηρχ-όμην
ἀπο-κρίν-ομαι ἀπ-εκριν-όμην    




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