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The Greek Verb: Croy Lesson 11 - Imperfect Middle-Passive Past

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(no distinction between middle and passive forms)

PAST TENSE: In the same way that you learned active and middle-passive forms of the Present tense, you need to learn the active and middle-passive forms of the Imperfect (past) tense.

Imperfect Indicative (Past)

active - ἔλυον 10.65
Mid-Pass - ἠρχόμην 11.70
NON-PAST TENSE: You should carefully review side-by-side so that you can quickly distinguish between the verbs in the Present tense (active and middle-passive) and verbs in the Imperfect (active and middle-passive).

Present Indicative

Active - λύω 2.11
Mid-Pass - ἄρχομαι 9.55
INFINITIVE: The infinitive is, technically speaking, a noun. It is not a verb. Like verbs, infinitives have different forms for the active and the middle-passive, but there is no distinction of tense. The infinitive never takes augment.

Present Infinitive

Active - λύειν 2.12
Mid-Pass - ἄρχεσθαι 9.57


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