11.69 Vocabulary Worksheet

(Read these notes About Vocabulary Worksheets for more notes about this method of studying vocabulary)

on   ἐπί (+ gen.)
in addition to   ἐπί (+ dat.)
over   ἐπί (+ acc.)
book   βιβλίον
demon   δαιμόνιον
eye   ὀφθαλμός
place   τόπος
I accept   δέχομαι
I heal   θεραπεύω
amen   ἀμήν
yet   ἔτι
behold!   ἰδού
on one hand…on other hand   μέν ... δέ
neither,   οὔτε
again   πάλιν
and (postpos.)   τέ
then   τότε