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Flashcard Notes

It is extremely important that you make flashcards - lots of them - to assist you in learning Greek. The best solution for creating flashcards is to order a boxed set (or several boxed sets) of Vis-Ed blank flashcards, which are a great size (3.5 x 1.5 inches), very sturdy but not too thick, and cheap! You can get a box of 1000 of these cards for just $5.95 at the Vis-Ed website: http://www.vis-ed.com.

Here are some tips to assist you in preparing your flashcards:

1. Record the lesson number when you are creating flashcards for the vocabulary in the different lessons. It is probably less distracting to write this number in one of the corners on the English side of each flashcard.

2. Try to avoid flashcards clutter. Only put the information on the flashcard that you actually want to memorize. So, for example, you probably should not include the cognate English words that Croy often provides as part of the vocabulary. Just focus on the actual English definition(s).

3. Create Greek-Greek flashcards to practice morphology. For example, you can make flaschards with the nominative form of a noun on one side, and the genitive on the other side (make sure you mark a little "G" or something in the corner of the genitive side of the card so you can easily separate which is which). With verbs, you can make flashcards with the present active indicative form on one side, and with the past aorist indicative on the other side.

4. Make sure you save all your flaschards. They are great for reviewing at the end of the semester, or to use as a refresher when you come back to Greek after vacation next semester.



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