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Forms of the First Declension: Fill-in-the-Blank Chart

The answers to the chart are provided on a separate page.

Goals: Vowels and Stress. You should absolutely know the endings for the words: pay attention to the vowels! Make sure you know when the ending contains an alpha and when it contains an eta. Hopefully you will also be able to mark the word stress too! Mark an acute accent mark where the word stress goes.

Circumflex: On the answers, you will see that sometimes there is a circumflex instead of an acute. Since you are not making a distinction between acute stress or circumflex stress in your pronunciation, you can just mark acute stress marks instead of the circumflex! Please don't worry about learning the rules about when to use a circumflex, since it has absolutely no effect on your pronciation whatsoever.

Need a hint? Use your mouse to highlight the contents of the cell that you are stuck on - the answers are there, just "whited out" (i.e. white letters on white background).

Printing. Please don't print the chart! Instead, write out the complete chart yourself. That way you will get practice writing the nominative forms also.

Flashcards. As an alternative to this chart, you can just use your flashcards, making sure that you practice the accusative, genitive, and dative forms, singular and plural - not just the dictionary form.

Make noise! If you do not make noise while writing the chart or using your flaschards, you are not learning Greek! Really! It's the truth: ἀλήθεια! So please make lots of noise. :-)

Nom. Sg. Gen. Sg. Dat. Sg. Acc. Sg.
σκιά σκιάς σκιᾷ


καρδία καρδίας καρδίᾳ καρδίαν
ἀλήθεια ἀληθείας ἀληθείᾳ ἀλήθειαν
φωνή φωνής φωνῇ φωνήν
κώμη κώμης κώμῃ κώμην
δόξα δόξης



θάλασσα θαλάσσης θαλάσσῃ θάλασσαν


Nom. Pl. Gen. Pl. Dat. Pl. Acc. Pl.
σκιάι σκιῶν σκιαῖς


καρδίαι καρδιῶν καρδίαις καρδίας
ἀλήθειαι ἀληθειῶν ἀληθείαις ἀληθείας
φωναί φωνῶν φωναῖς φωνάς
κώμαι κωμῶν κώμαις κώμας





θάλασσαι θαλασσῶν θαλάσσαις θαλάσσας


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