Greek Morphology

When you click on a Word Study Link, the word is analyzed by the Morphology Tool. This tool identifies all possible dictionary entries from which the word form could be derived. Perseus performs this analysis on the basis of data contained in the large Latin and Greek dictionaries. Sometimes you will notice Latin words that do not have a Word Study Link; this is because the data in the Latin dictionary is not sufficient to complete a morphological analysis of the word.

For each possible dictionary form, you see the dictionary form, a brief definition, and link to the dictionary. For Greek, you will have a choice between two dictionary links: LSJ (Liddell-Scott-Jones) or the beginner's dictionary, Middle Liddell.

The grammatical possibilities for each form are specified, with a link to the Grammar Overview as relevant.

The Frequency in Other Authors link and the Frequency/10K link take you to a table that displays the frequency with which this word appears. will let you see where this word appears in other Perseus authors.

The Word Search link and the Maximum Instances link display the actual passages in which the word appears in other Perseus authors.

Sample Greek morphological lookup

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