Dictionary Analysis

When you click a link to a view a dictionary entry, you will find that the dictionary entry comes in two parts. The top part is an analysis of the dictionary entry. Note that you also have the opportunity to search other words in the dictionary directly from this screen. You will see this same analysis regardless of whether you are using the beginner's dictionaries (Middle Liddell, Elementary Lewis) or the advanced dictionaries (LSJ, Lewis & Short).

The analysis consists of the Instances and Frequency analysis (now expanded to include additional text categories). You can also see a list of Words with Similar Definitions, in both Latin and Greek (these analyses are generated automatically by the computer, with sometimes amusing results!). You can also see a list of Some Words that Regularly Appear together with your word. Depending on the type of literature you are reading (Homeric poetry!), this can be a very thought-provoking analysis.

Sample dictionary entry:

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