Morphological Analysis

Let's go back now to the Morphological Analysis screen and take a look at some of the statistical analysis. Often these links are intimidating to people - "Max. Inst." and "Freq./10K" look a little strange, but they are definitely worth paying attention to!

Maximum Instances and Greek Word Search both take you to pages that list the actual appearance of the word in different passages. The reason it is called "maximum" instances is that in many cases a word's form is ambiguous. If a word could be nominative or accusative or vocative, as here, then Perseus cannot tell you how many instances there are of the nominative as opposed to the accusative or the vocative.

Frequency in Other Authors and Freq./10K will take you to tabular displays of the word's appearance in other Perseus texts. These tables give you an overview of where and how often the word is found, without displaying any actual passages in which the word appears.

Sample Greek morphological lookup

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