Perseus Language Tools

So far we have looked at all the main linguistic analysis features that are available when reading Perseus Greek and Latin texts. Let's review those before going on to some other language tools that are available at the Perseus site.

  • ancient texts. you can read a huge number of texts online, including Greek and Latin Bibles
  • in Greek-Latin-English. you can switch back and forth from Greek, Latin and English
  • viewing options. you can view by chapter, by verse, along with other viewing options.
  • with notes. you can view commentaries and cross-references together with the original text
  • morphological parsing. you can click a Greek or Latin word in order see it parsed
  • dictionary definitions. you can view the dictionary entry for the word in various dictionaries
  • word frequency. you can see a statistical analysis of the word frequency
  • word instances. you can quickly access the word in other passages
  • grammar help. you can easily consult a brief Latin/Greek grammar
  • vocabulary. you can generate a custom Vocabulary List for the text you are reading

Now that is just the beginning of what you can do at Perseus. Now let's move on to some other ways you can use the Perseus Greek and Latin dictionaries online.

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