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BUDHA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] `Wise, intelligent.' The planet Mercury, son of the Soma, the moon, by Rohini, or by Tara, wife of Brihaspati. (See Brihaspati). He married Ila, daughter of the Manu Vaivaswata, and by her had a son, Pururavas. Buddha was author of a hymn in the Rigveda (See Ila.). From his parents he is called Saumya and Rauhineya. He is also called Praharshana, Rodhana, Tunga, and Syamanga, `black-bodied.' The intrigue of Soma with Tara was the cause of a great quarrel, in which the gods and the Asuras fought against each other. Brahma compelled Soma to give up Tara, and when she returned to her husband she was pregnant. A son was born, who was so beautiful that Brihaspati and Soma both claimed him. Tara for a long time refused to tell his paternity, and so excited the wrath and nearly incurred the curse of her son. At length, upon the command of Brahma, she declared Soma to be the father, and he gave the boy the name of Buddha. This name is distinct from Buddha.

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