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Read about Jayadratha at the Urday website (also, Urday: Jayadratha and Arjuna).

JAYADRATHA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] A prince of the Lunar race, son of Brihanmanas. He was king of Sindhu, and was "indifferently termed Raja of the Sindhus or Saindhavas, and Raja of the Sauviras, or sometimes in concert Sindhusauvirus," the Saindhavas and Sauviras both being tribes living along the Indus.

Jayadratha married Duhsala, daughter of Dhritarashtra, and was an ally of the Kauravas.

When the Pandavas were in exile he called at their forest abode while they were out hunting and Draupadi was at home alone. He had with him six brothers and a large retinue, but the resources of the Pandavas were equal to the occasion, and Draupadi was able to supply five hundred deer with accompaniments for breakfast. This is explained by the statement that Yudhishthira, having worshipped the sun, obtained from that luminary an inexhaustible cauldron which was to supply all and every viand that might be required by the Pandavas in their exile.

Jayadratha was captivated by the charms of Draupadi, and tried to induce her to elope with him. When he was indignantly repulsed he carried her off by force.

On the return of the Pandavas they pursued the ravisher, defeated his forces, and made him prisoner. His life was spared by command of Yudhishthira, but Bhima kicked and beat him terribly, cut off his hair, and made him go before the assembled Pandavas and acknowledge himself to be their slave. At the intercession of Draupadi he was allowed to depart.

He was killed, after a desperate conflict, by Arjuna on the fourteenth day of the great battle.

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