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RENUKA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] Daughter of King Prasenajit or Renu, wife of Jamadagni, and mother of Parasurama.

A sight of the connubial endearments of King Chitraratha and his wife inspired her with impure thoughts, and her husband, perceiving that she had "fallen from perfection," desired her sons to kill her. Rumanwat, Sushena, and Vasu, the three seniors, declined, and their father cursed them so that they became idiots. Parasurama, the fourth son, cut off her head, which act so gratifited his father that Jamadagni promised him whatever blessings he desired. Among other things, Parasurama asked that his mother might be brought back to life in ignorance of her death and in perfect purity. He also desired that his brothers might be restored to their senses. All this Jamadagni bestowed.

She was also called Konkana.

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