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VAJRA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology]

1. The thunderbolt of Indra, said to have been made of the bones of the Rishi Dadhichi. It is a circular weapon, with a hole in the centre, according to some, but others represent it as consisting of two transverse bars. It has many names: -- Asani, Abhrotta, 'sky-born;' Bahudara, 'much cleaving;' Bhidira or Chhidaka, 'the splitter;' Dambholi and Jasuri, 'destructive;' Hradin, 'roaring;' Kulisa, 'axe;' Pavi, 'pointed;' Phenavahin, 'foam-bearing;' Shatkona, 'hexagon;' Sambha and Swaru.

2. Son of Aniruddha. His mother is sometimes said to be Aniruddha's wife Subhadra, and at others the Daitya princess Usha. Krishna just before his death made him king over the Yadavas at Indraprastha.

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