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VARNA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] 'Class or caste.' The Chaturvarna, or four castes, as found established in the code of Manu, are-

1. Brahman. The sacerdotal and learned castes, the members of which may be, but are not necessarily priests.

2. Kshatriya. The regal and warrior caste.

3. Vaisya. Trading and agricultural caste.

4. Sudra. Servile caste, whose duty is to serve the other three.

The first three castes were called dwija, "twice born or regenerate," from their being entitled to investiture with the sacred thread which effects a second birth. The Brahmans maintained that their caste alone remains, that the other three have been lost or degraded, and it is generally believed that there are no pure Kshatriyas or Vaisyas now existing. The numerous castes which have sprung up from the intercourse of people of different castes or from other causes are called Varnasankara, 'mixed castes.'

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