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Aesop's Fables (Chambry edition)

Chambry 313 = Perry 209

(variant version from Chambry's first edition)

Ποιμὴν καὶ λυκιδεῖς.

Ποιμὴν εὑρὼν λυκίδια, ἔτρεφεν ἐπιμελῶς, οἰόμενος ὅτι μεγαλυνθέντα τηρήσουσι τὰ ἑαυτοῦ πρόβατα, ἀλλὰ καὶ ἔτι προσθήσουσιν ἁρπάζοντες ἕτερα καὶ εἰσάξουσιν ἐν τῇ αὐτοῦ μάνδρᾳ. Οἱ δὲ, ὡς ηὐξήνθησαν, πρῶτον αὐτοῦ τὴν ποίμνην διέφθειραν. Καὶ ὃς ἀναστενάξας εἶπεν· Δίκαια πέπονθα· τί φὰρ μὴ νηπίους ἀπέκτεινον;
Ὁ μῦθος δηλοῖ ὅτι οἱ τοὺς πονηροὺς διασώζοντες λανθάνουσι καθ' ἑαυτῶν πρῶτον αὐτοὺς ῥωννύντες.

Chambry published a multivolume edition of the fables for the Belles Lettres series in 1925/6 (Paris). He later revised this into a single volume, omitting hundreds of the fable variants. In addition, the numeration between these two volumes is not consistent. The texts here are taken from the 1925/6 edition, but the numeration follows the stanard single volume edition.