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Phryx Aesopus (Osius, 1574)

101. AGRICOLA. (Perry 61)

RUra colens quidam fodiendo vertit ut agrum,
Repperit hîc [Reg: hic] auri divitioris opes.
Qui Terrae tali pro munere gratus ut esset,
Hanc illi sertis mos redimire fuit.
Hoc Fortuna dolens mox obvia facta Colono,
Quin accepta refers haec mihi gratus, ait?
Heredes alios quia si iam fecerit auri
Sors mutata suas nata novare vices:
Sat scio, non equidem tunc detestabere Terram,
Sed tua Fortunam me gravis ira premet.
Auctores meriti qui sint agnoscere refert,
Gratia quos digno debet honore sequi.

*** The drawing does not fit the fable. ***
You can see this image at Fable 40, where it fits the story.

Phryx Aesopus Habitu Poetico, by Hieronymus Osius, 1574 (artist not identified). Available online at the University of Mannheim. This book clearly recycles a set of images from another book of Aesop's fables. In some cases, the illustration does not match the fable shown, and in some cases I have not been able to identify what fable a given illustration is supposed to illustrate.