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Phryx Aesopus (Osius, 1574)

124. SIMIA. (Perry 463)

SImia, purpureo quae comebatur amictu,
Haec ubi saltandi docta fuisset opus.
Iamque videretur crebro didicisse sat usu,
Est producta, suae non rudis artis erat.
Sed saltante nuces hac quidam spargit, ad illas
Se cito neglectis omnibus illa refert.
Nil, omnem curam licet experiaris, et artes,
Naturae viciis quo medearis, erit.

*** The drawing does not fit the fable. ***
It does fit Fable 42.

Phryx Aesopus Habitu Poetico, by Hieronymus Osius, 1574 (artist not identified). Available online at the University of Mannheim. This book clearly recycles a set of images from another book of Aesop's fables. In some cases, the illustration does not match the fable shown, and in some cases I have not been able to identify what fable a given illustration is supposed to illustrate.