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Phryx Aesopus (Osius, 1574)

133. AGRICOLA. (Perry 0)

RUSTICUS, assiduo Cererem qui more colebat,
Hanc talem stolido flagitat ore Deam:
Quae careant frumenta sibi producat aristis,
Elidi paleis sic cito posse putat.
Sed sua iam segeti post quam maturuit aetas,
Indefensa petunt grana frequenter aves.
Excussere suis ea sponte sequentia rostris,
Et fecere fame saepe iubente cibum.
Vota probant stultas hominum temeraria mentes,
Desipiunt, haec qui non cohibere solent.
Saepe quis imprudens spe commoda parva sequendi,
In mala damnoso plena labore ruit.

*** The drawing does not fit the fable. ***
The same image is used at Fable 259 where it also does not fit, but it does fit Fable 15.

Phryx Aesopus Habitu Poetico, by Hieronymus Osius, 1574 (artist not identified). Available online at the University of Mannheim. This book clearly recycles a set of images from another book of Aesop's fables. In some cases, the illustration does not match the fable shown, and in some cases I have not been able to identify what fable a given illustration is supposed to illustrate.