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Phryx Aesopus (Osius, 1574)

275. DE NUBE ET TERRA. (Perry 0)

IN sublime suo motu conata levari,
E tenui nubes nata vapore fuit.
Orta sit unde, suam ne deserat illa parentem
Tam cito, materno Terra favore monet.
At spreto monitu nubes elata sub auras
Ocius a vento disiciente perit.
Scilicet elatis animo Deus ipse resistit,
At qui sunt humilis pectore, sponte vivat.

** The image does not fit the fable. **
It looks more appropriate for Fable 103.

Phryx Aesopus Habitu Poetico, by Hieronymus Osius, 1574 (artist not identified). Available online at the University of Mannheim. This book clearly recycles a set of images from another book of Aesop's fables. In some cases, the illustration does not match the fable shown, and in some cases I have not been able to identify what fable a given illustration is supposed to illustrate.