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Aesop's Fables: Babrius

Babrius 132 = Perry 261

Ὄις μονήρης λύκον ἔφευγεν ἐξαίφνης
ἰδοῦσα, σηκοῦ δ' ἐντὸς ἦλθεν ἀκλείστου·
θυσίη γὰρ ἦν τις κατὰ τύχην ἑορταίη.
ὁ λύκος δ' ἔσω μὲν οὐ παρῆλθε τοῦ τείχους,
ἔξω δ' ἐφεστὼς τὴν ὄιν καθωμίλει
"ὁρᾷς" λέγων "τὸν βωμὸν αἵματος πλήρη;
ἔξελθε, μή τις συλλάβῃ σε καὶ θύσῃ."
ἡ δ' εἶπε "μή μου τῆς ἀσυλίης κήδου·
καλῶς ἔχει μοι· κἂν δὲ τοῦτο συμβαίνῃ,
θεοῦ γενοίμην σφάγιον ἢ λύκου θοίνη."

Ben Perry, Babrius and Phaedrus (Loeb). This edition contains the Greek texts of Babrius, with a facing English translation, and an extensive index covering the Greek and Latin fable tradition. This book is an absolute must for anyone interested in the Aesopic fable tradition. Invaluable.