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Aesop's Fables: Steinhowel

6.10. De puero oves pascente
(Perry 210)

[See an illustration from a 1501 edition.]

Qui cognoscitur mentiri, ei veritas postea non creditur. De hoc talis dicitur fabula. Puer quidam, cum oves in eminentiori loco depasceret, sepius clamabat: Heus, o a lupis mihi succurrite! Qui circumaderant cultores agrorum, cultum omittentes ac illi occurrentes, ac nihil esse comperientes ad opera sua redeunt. Cum pluries puer id ioci causa fecisset, ecce cum lupus pro certo adesset, puer ut sibi succurratur, serio clamat; agricole id verum non esse putantes, cum minime occurrerent, lupus oves facile perdidit, nam puero mentienti non credebatur.

Steinhowels Asop, ed. Hermann Osterley (1873). Some of these fables have digitized text; others have only page images. The digital page images are from Google Books. You can also consult the illustrated 1501 edition of Steinhowel's Aesop. Note that Book 7 contains poems from Avianus, so there is no text or page image for the fables in Book 7.