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5.27 Vocabulary

New Words: Read the new words in Croy Lesson 5 out loud, paying careful attention to the sound of the Greek and the English meanings of each word.

Parts of Speech: It is best to study vocabulary based on parts of speech, so you need to be clear about the different parts of speech represented in the vocabulary for this lesson. When you learn adjectives, it is like learning multiple forms of the same noun: you need to know the masculine and neuter forms, with the corresponding genitive form, along with the feminine form and its genitive. They are all listed for you below.

Verbs: Chapter 5 Adjectives: Chapter 5 Other

ἀγαθός, ἀγαθόν (ἀγαθοῦ)
ἅγιος, ἅγιον (ἁγίου)
δίκαιος, δίκαιον (δικαίου)
ἔσχατος, ἔσχατον (ἐσχάτου)
κακός, κακόν (κακοῦ)
καλός, καλόν (καλοῦ)
μικρός, μικρόν (μικροῦ)
νεκρός, νεκρόν (νεκροῦ)
πιστός, πιστόν (πιστοῦ)
πονηρός, πονηρόν (πονηροῦ)
πρῶτος, πρῶτον (πρώτου)

ἀγαθή (ἀγαθής)
ἁγία (ἁγίας)
δικαία (δικαίας)
ἐσχάτη (ἐσχάτης)
κακή (κακής)
καλή (καλής)
μικρά (μικράς)
νεκρά (νεκράς)
πιστή (πιστής)
πονηρά (πονηράς)
πρώτη (πρώτης)


Accent Practice: Make sure you study the Prosody Patterns: Chapter 5 for your new words. (Read these notes About Prosody Patterns for more notes about this method of studying vocabulary.)

Make Flashcards. You need to make a set of hand-written flashcards that you can use for study and review purposes. (Read these notes About Flashcards for more notes about this method of studying vocabulary.)

Vocabulary Worksheet. Make sure you use the Vocabulary Worksheet to test your knowledge of the new words. (Read these notes About Vocabulary Worksheets for more notes about this method of studying vocabulary.)

Dictation. Listen to the audio, and write down each Greek word as you hear it. You can use the Vocabulary Worksheet to see if your answers are correct because the words in the dictation reading are presented in the same order as on the Worksheet. (Read these notes About Dictation for more notes about this method of studying vocabulary.)

Croy Biblical Greek 5 at QUIA

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Optional: You can play matching and concentration games at the QUIA website.

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