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[These are pages to help you use the supplemental vocabulary sets available at the QUIA website.]

QUIA Browser Help: FIREFOX, your best option!

You can download and install the latest version of Firefox from mozilla.org. It is an excellent browser, and requires no special settings to display Greek materials at QUIA, provided that you have a Greek Unicode font available.

If you are not getting the same results shown here with Firefox, or have suggestions on configuring Firefox to do an even better job with polytonic Greek, please contact me.

Piggy Bank Screenshot with Firefox

Flashcard Screenshot with Firefox: You can use the Java version or Non-Java version of the cards.

If you choose the Non-Java version, you can use the View - Text Size - Increase to increase the size of the font:

Matching Game Screenshot with FIrefox

Matching Game Screenshot with FIrefox: You can use the View - Text Size - Increase to increase the size of the font display here.

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