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Desire2Learn Log-On

About Desire2Learn

Many of you are probably familiar with Blackboard or WebCT, which are the two course management systems that have been used at OU in the past. Beginning in Fall 2005, OU is using the Desire2Learn course management system. You can log on to Desire2Learn at learn.ou.edu.

Log on to Desire2Learn

Your username is your OUNet ID (your "4x4") and your password is your OUNet password (the same password you use to access your email, online enrollment, etc.). Please log on now and make sure you can access the system. If you are having trouble logging on to the system, contact IT for help at 325-HELP.

Set your preferences

When you log on to Desire2Learn, you will see a box on the left-hand side of the screen with a link to My Preferences. You can choose various settings, including the default font size. Many people find it easier to have larger fonts displayed on the screen. If you want to do that, you can choose a larger font size (such as Verdana size 14, which is the size I use!). When you are done setting your Preferences, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Access the Biblical Greek course area

On the right-hand side of the main Desire2Learn screen, you will see a box labeled My University of Oklahoma Courses. The courses are organized by department. Click on the "plus" sign next to the University College department, and you will see a link to the Biblical Greek class, labeled UNIV 1000-995 FA05 - BIBLICAL GREEK. Click on this link to access the course. Don't worry: you will not have to "open" the University College area each time. Desire2Learn will remember and keep that open for you next time you log in.

Using Desire2Learn for the Biblical Greek course

Desire2Learn will be a very important website for this class. Here is how you will use the Desire2Learn website:

Desire2Learn Gradebook Declarations

There are three different ways that you accumulate points in this class:

As you can see, some of the grades are recorded by the computer or by the instructor - but the Gradebook Declaration allows you to record your own points for certain assignments. Obviously, it is essential that you are honest about the points that you record in this way. The Gradebook Declarations are governed by the Honor Code for this class, and the penalties for making a false Declaration are severe.

When you complete an assignment that has a Gradebook Declaration, you will go to the Quizzes and Declarations area in Desire2Learn and click on the Declaration you want to complete. Read the questions carefully! The questions will prompt you about the specific requirements of the assignment that you have completed. If you have not completed the assignment correctly, do not make the Declaration! Instead, go back and finish the assignment correctly, and then come back again and do the Declaration later.

As you complete the Declaration, the points will be automatically recorded for you in the Gradebook.

Do the Declaration for this assignment

This first Orientation assignment is an example of an assignment with a Gradebook Declaration. To make this Declaration, log on to Desire2Learn, access the Biblical Greek course area, and click on the Quizzes and Declarations link. You will see a link to the Desire2Learn Log-On Assignment.

Desire2Learn Log-On Assignment (2 points). Here is the text of the Declaration that you will find in Desire2Learn:

True or False: I have successfully logged on to Desire2Learn and accessed the Biblical Greek course area.

True or False: I will log in at least once per day, Monday through Friday, to check the News and Announcements.


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