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Lesson 3 Composition Sentences from Croy

Although you are not required to do the Composition Sentences from Croy, you may want to give them a try. Here are some suggested answers but remember that your answers may be different because of the great freedom of Greek word order. If you are unsure about the correctness of one of your responses, please post that question in the General Discussion Board area, in the topic labeled "Questions About Croy Composition Sentences." Don't forget to include the Croy lesson number and sentence number, and include your Greek version (no breathing marks, no accent marks).

Please remember that you are absolutely not required to be adding the breathing and accent marks to your own writing at this point. When you continue your studies of Greek, you may decide to worry about that - but you've got plenty to worry about right now with the vocabulary and morphology and syntax as it is!

Croy Lesson 3 English to Greek Sentences

1. φωνην θαλασσης θελετε ακουειν;

2. γη ου γινωσκει αληθειας ωραν και βασιλεια ζωην ουκ εχει.

3. αδελφη ημεραν δοξης βλεπει και πιστευει.

4. εκκλησια γινωσκει οτι καρδια πιστευειν θελει;

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