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Practice and Review Sentences

Part One: Reading Croy Lesson 2

First, make sure you understand the new content in Croy by reading through Croy and then consulting the webpages here which provide supplemental information.

Questions? Do you have any questions that are not answered in these webpages? If you have any questions at all, post them at the Discussion Board topic area labeled Week 2: General Questions about Croy Lesson 2.

Part Two: Practice Sentences for Croy Lesson 2

When you are done reading through the Lesson 2 materials, both in Croy and at this website, you can start work on the Practice and Review Sentences which are provided in Croy 2.14. Here are some supplemental materials to help you:

First, there are some Simple Sentences to do before you try reading Croy's Practice and Review Sentences in 2.14. Make sure you understand the different types of simple sentences before trying the Croy sentences.

After you finish working through the Simple Sentences, move on to the Practice and Review sentences in Croy. Make sure you also look at the Commentary provided at this website. It is up to you if you want to write out an English translation or not. If you are sure you understand the sentence as you read along, you do not need to write out a translation. Also, make sure you read the sentences out loud and repeat them out loud constantly. Getting the sound of these sentences inside your head is very important!

Questions? Do you have any questions about these sentences? If you find one of the Practice and Review Sentences to be difficult or confusing, leave a question at the Discussion Board topic area labeled Week 2: Questions about Practice Sentences in Croy Lesson 2. You might also find it helpful to look at the Discussion Board just to see which sentences the other students are finding to be difficult.

You can keep on working on the Practice Sentences all week long, but the sooner you can work your way through the sentences, the easier it will be for you to do well on the Morphology and Syntax quiz for this week. Questions in the Morpholoyg and Syntax quiz are based on these Practice Sentences.

Optional LXX and NT Sentences. In addition to the Practice and Review sentences, Croy provides some sentences from the Septuagint and from the New Testament. You should not start work on those until after you have completed the quizzes and other graded activities for the week! These sentences are very exciting to work with, and there is an extra credit quiz option based on these sentences. You can find commentary on the LXX/NT sentences here at the website. If you have questions about these sentences, you can post your questions at the Discussion Board in the topic area labeled Week 2: Questions about Optional LXX / NT Sentences in Croy Lesson 2.

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