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For the first several weeks, your Composition Quiz will consist of English-Greek sentences to translate. Later on, you will be answering questions in Greek! At the beginning of the semester, however, the focus will be on completing these English to Greek translations.

Send your complete Greek compositions to the instructor by the Monday midnight deadline. You should send the composition as an attachment in an email, using the same procedure you used to submit a Greek text via email during Orientation Week.

When you type out the Greek you should NOT use accent marks or diacritics of any kind. You can send in answers that simply written in Greek letters, without any breathing marks or accent marks.

For puncutation, please make sure you do use the Greek question mark sign ( ; ) if the sentence you are writing takes the form of a question.

A Composition Key will be released after all the assignments have been graded.

Sentences to translate into Greek:

Hint: Don't try to use the postpositive particle δε in your answers - use the word αλλα instead (αλλα works basically like the English word "but").

1. I want to speak.

2. She is speaking but you are not listening.

3. We hear and see.

4. Do they believe?

5. I know that you want to write.

6. Do they want to write and teach?

7. We are teaching but they are not listening.

8. They speak and I believe.

9. He sees and believes.

10. She does not want to speak.

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