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1. She sees and believes.

βλέπει καὶ πιστεύει.

2. A sister is speaking.

λέγει ἀδελφή.

3. They do not teach.

οὐ διδάσκουσιν.

4. A sister and a brother are writing.

γράφουσιν ἀδελφὴ καὶ ἀδελφός.

5. They speak and I believe.

λέγουσι καὶ πιστεύω.

6. I say that you are not listening.

λέγω ὅτι οὐκ ἀκούετε.

7. I do not believe that a sister is teaching.

οὐ πιστεύω ὅτι διδάσκει ἀδελφή.

8. They know that you want to teach.

γινώσκουσιν ὅτι θέλεις διδάσκειν.

9. I see that a sister is writing.

βλέπω ὅτι γράφει ἀδελφή.

10. He wants to speak and to listen.

θέλει λέγειν καὶ ἀκούειν.


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