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Vocabulary: Lessons 2-4

ἀδελφός, ἀδελφοῦ brother
ἀλλά but
ἄνθρωπος, ἀνθρώπου human being, person, man
δέ but, and
δοῦλος, δούλου slave, servant
ἔργον, ἔργου deed, work
θάνατος, θανάτου death
θεός, θεοῦ God, god
κύριος, κυρίου Lord, master, owner
λόγος, λόγου word, reason, plan
νόμος, νόμου law
οἶκος, οἴκου house
οὐρανός, οὐρανοῦ heaven, sky
τέκνον, τέκνου child
υἱός, υἱοῦ son
ἀδελφή, ἀδελφής sister
ἀλήθεια, ἀληθείας truth
βασιλεία, βασιλείας kingdom, reign, rule
γῆ, γῆς earth, soil, land
δόξα, δόξης glory, honor
ἐκκλησία, ἐκκλησίας assembly, church
ἔχω I have
ζωή, ζωής life
ἡμέρα, ἡμέρας day
θάλασσα, θαλάσσης sea, lake
καρδία, καρδίας heart
φωνή, φωνής voice, sound
ὥρα, ὥρας hour, time
ἀκούω I hear
βλέπω I look at, see
γινώσκω I know
γράφω I write
διδάσκω I teach
θέλω I wish, will, desire
καί and
λέγω I speak, tell, say
λύω I loosen, destroy
ὅτι because, that
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ no (with indicative)
πιστεύω I believe


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