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New Morphology and Syntax

This week your new syntax quiz questions are based on just one lesson in Croy (usually you will cover two, and sometimes three, lessons in one week). The main topic is nouns forms - you need to know the feminine noun endings of the first declension and you also need to know the masculine and neuter noun endings of the second declension.

The best way to prepare for the new syntax quiz is by completing the Practice and Review Sentences as thoroughly as possible. Make sure you review all the materials found on the Practice and Review Sentences page for this week (reading the sections in Croy, studying the Simple Sentences here at the website, working through the Practice and Review Sentences, with the Commentary). There is also a special Accusative Drill page to help you practice the accusative case.

NOTE: If you want to do an ungraded practice quiz based on Lesson 3 only, you can do that at Desire2Learn. So, if you want to test your knowledge of the material in Lesson 3 before going on to Lesson 4, you can do that. The questions on the Lesson 3 Only Quiz are the same questions as on the combined quiz that you will take for a grade this week. There is also a Lesson 4 Only Quiz which is ungraded, and you can use that to practice Lesson 4 questions separately from Lesson 3, if you find that to be helpful.

When you have mastered this material, you can take the Week 3 New Syntax Quiz in Desire2Learn. It will draw on questions from both Lesson 3 and Lesson 4, selected at random. You can take the quiz as often as you want, up until the final deadline of Thursday at midnight.

In order to familiarize yourself with the format of the quiz, you might want to study the Question Types that show up on the Morphology and Syntax Quizzes.


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