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The Answer Key for this week is now available.

For this week's composition, you will be answering questions about some pictures that you see. Here are some question words that you need to know:

Make sure you use only the vocabulary for the lessons we have covered so far (reference list of the vocabulary), and make sure that every answer you provide is a complete sentence, meaning that each sentence you write contains at least one verb.

Before you start this week's Composition, you might want to practice the Accusative Drill, which allows you to "compose" some very simple sentences in Greek using Greek prompts. You will be writing very similar sentences for some of the Composition questions here.

Since this assignment is a little different from last week's, I've provided an answer to the first question for you as a sample.

Make sure you type your answers in Greek and do not use any breathing marks or accents. Then attach the file to an email and send it to the instructor. Give your email a subject line like "Week 3 Greek Composition."

1. Τί βλέπεις;


θαλασσαν βλεπω

2. Τί βλέπεις;
3. Τί βλέπεις;
4. Τί βλέπεις;
5. Τί βλέπεις;
6. τί ποιεῖ;
7. τί ποιοῦσιν;
8. τί ποιεῖ ἀδελφή;
9. τί βλέπουσιν;
10. τί τέκνον ποιεῖ;


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