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New Vocabulary

This week your new vocabulary comes from two lessons in Croy! So, make sure you study the Croy Lesson 5 Vocabulary Study Guide and the Croy Lesson 6 Vocabulary Study Guide and Croy Lesson 7 Vocabulary Study Guide.

When you have mastered this material, you can take the Week 4 New Vocabulary Quiz in Desire2Learn. You can take the quiz as often as you want, up until the final deadline of Tuesday at midnight.

For your reference, here are the words from Lessons 5 and 6 and 7:

λαμβάνω ἄγγελος διά (+ gen.) δῶρον
ἀγαθός ἔρημος διά (+ acc.) ὄχλος
ἅγιος κόσμος εἰς πλοῖον
δίκαιος λίθος ἐκ ψυχή
ἔσχατος μαθητής ἐν αὐτός
κακός ὁδός μετά (+ gen.) ἐγώ
καλός προφήτης μετά (+ acc.) σύ
μικρός βάλλω περί (+ gen.) εἰμί
νεκρός μένω περί (+ acc.) ἐσθίω
πιστός πέμπω πρός σῴζω
πονηρός ἀπό ἀγάπη κατά (+ gen.)
πρῶτος   ἁμαρτία κατά (+ acc.)
γάρ   ἄρτος  



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