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This week you will revisit the story of the wicked brother, his sister, and the slave that the brother wants to kill. This time you will write some dialogue between the different characters to go along with the story.

This is your first week to do "free" composition, in the sense that you will be writing your own sentences in Greek without prompts for each sentence. This will make you want to use an English-Greek dictionary... DO NOT DO THAT. You should only use the vocabulary you have learned so far in the book. To make that easier, I have listed the vocabulary by groups to help you see which words you have available to you.

Most importantly, you also have the words in the story itself as clues for what to say in the dialogue. For example, if the story says "The brother was wicked" then you could have the sister say to the brother: "You are wicked." When the sister decides to save the slave by running away, she can say, "I want to save you and your child." When the child dies, the slave can say, "My son is dead." It is fine if your sentences are very short - as long as there is a verb, that is a complete sentence in Greek!

When you are done, attach the file to an email and send it to the instructor. Give your email a subject line like "Week 7 Greek Composition." All you have to include are the sentences you have written, spoken by the characters indicated below. The Composition Key is now available.

αδελφος και αδελφη δουλον ειχον, και ουτος ο δουλος τεκνον μικρον ειχεν. ο αδελφος πονηρος ην, αλλα η αδελφη αγαθη και τῳ θεῳ επιστευε. η αδελφη τον δουλον και το τεκνον αυτου γραφειν εδιδασκεν.

Write a dialogue between the brother and the sister: what does each person say about themselves? what do they say to each other?

1. ο αδελφος λεγει:

2. η αδελφη λεγει:

3. ο αδελφος λεγει:

4. η αδελφη λεγει:

ο αδελφος εθελε τον δουλον αποκτεινειν, αλλα η αδελφη εθελε σῳζειν αυτον. η αδλεφη και ο δουλος μετα του υιου αυτου εξηλθον εκ του οικου του πονηρου αδελφου. προς αλλην γην προσηλθον, και την ερημον διελθεῖν ωφειλον.

Write a dialogue between the sister and the slave: what information does she need to give to the slave? what does the slave say?

5. η αδελφη λεγει:

6. ο δουλος λεγει:

7. η αδελφη λεγει:

εν τῃ ερημῳ ἀπέθανε το τεκνον, η οδος γαρ ου μικρα ην, και αρτον ουκ ευρον. ο θανατος του τεκνου του δουλου ελυε τας καρδιας αυτων.

Write a dialogue between the sister and the slave after the boy has died: how do they react to his death?

8. ο δουλος λεγει:

9. η αδελφη λεγει:

10. ο δουλος λεγει:

η αδελφη και ο δουλος εις την θαλασσαν εισηλθον και πλοιον ευρον. εξηλθον εκ της βασιλειας εκεινης και προς γην καλην και αγαθην επορευοντο.

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