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At the bottom of this page, you will find a painting of "The Annunciation" by Melchior Broederlam (late 14th century). Please answer the following questions about what you see in the image. In some of these questions, the answer is an objective one (something you can actually see in the painting). For other questions, the answer is subjective, based on your personal impression of the painting.

Please use only the vocabulary you have learned so far in class (here is a Vocabulary List you can consult). Most of the vocabulary you need is contained in the questions themselves.

Remember that to answer a "yes or no" question in Greek, you simply repeat the statement if the answer is "yes" or negate the statement if the answer is "no":

You can see an Answer Key to the questions (with suggested answers; there are various possible right answers to these questions).

ο ανθρωπος πονηρος εστιν yes or no question (Is the man wicked?)
πονηρος εστιν. yes (He is wicked).
πονηρος ουκ εστιν. no (He is not wicked).

Here are some question words you will need to know:

τις - who?

τι - what?

τινος - of whom? whose? of what? (genitive case)

που - where?

Make sure you answer each question with a complete sentence (in other words, each of your answers must contain at least one verb):

1. τις καταβαινει απο του ουρανου;

2.. τις επεμψε τον αγγελον προς την γυναικα;

3. που ευρισκει ο αγγελος την γυναικα;

4. τινος λογους βλεπεις γραφεντας;

5. τις εχει βιβλιον;

6. το προσωπον της γυναικος καλον εστιν;

7. περι τινος λεγει ο αγγελος;

8. θαυμαζει η μητηρ του θεου ακουουσα των λογων του αγγελου;

9. τι εστιν το ονομα της γυναικος;

10. γινωσκεις το ονομα του αγγελου;

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