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Week 5 Assignments: New Vocab - Sentences - New Syntax - Recitation - Dictation - Review Vocab - Review Syntax - Composition - Listening - Audio Gallery!

Practice Sentences in Croy

In the past three weeks, you have learned the basic concept of Greek verbs (person-number) and the basic concept of Greek nouns (number-gender-case).

This week, you are going to learn something important and new about verbs: VOICE. There are three voices in Greek: active voice and passive voice (as in English), and also the middle voice. This is an incredibly important concept in Greek, and it needs your close attention this week.

Start early! You have a whole new set of verb endings to learn, and you must be perfectly familiar with them before you take this week's quizzes.

Practice Quizzes. There will be a Practice Quiz for the Week 5 New Syntax so that you can take a quiz without any effect on the Gradebook. (There are not separate lesson-by-lesson practice quizzes this week.)

Extra credit. There is also an extra credit option where you can post some translations of the sentences at the Discussion Board. This option is available through Wednesday at midnight.

Lesson 8. First, make sure you understand the new content in Croy by reading through Croy and then consulting the webpages here which provide supplemental information.

There is also a page of Demonstrative Singular-Plural Transformation Sentences to help you practice, along with a Review of Demonstratives. After you use these materials (which have audio), you should be ready to do Practice Sentences, with help from the Commentary on Lesson 8 Sentences. Because the sentences are becoming more complex, there is also a segmented version of the sentences to help you in your reading. You are not required to write out translations for all of the sentences, but you must be sure you understand the meaning of each sentence. If you have been having trouble with the Syntax Quizzes, I would strongly recommend that you translate all of the sentences.

Lesson 9. This is the really challenging chapter this week, which presents the middle and passive forms of the verbs.

There is also a page of Active-Passive Transformation Sentences to help you practice. After you review these transformations (which have audio), you should be ready to do the Practice Sentences, with help from the Commentary on Lesson 9 Sentences which also has a segmented version to help you along.

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